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School History

Harry E. James Elementary School (formerly Arlington School) was originally constructed in 1939. The site was then in Prince George County.  It was a five-room frame building that housed grades one through seven.

In 1945, the frame building was destroyed by fire and the pupils were temporarily housed in public buildings throughout the city.  However, in 1948, a six classroom brick building was erected and the school still housed grades one through seven.  In 1952, the City of Hopewell annexed a portion of Prince George County that included Harry E. James Elementary School.  One year later, four additional classrooms, a cafetorium and a basement were added to the school building.  A classroom was converted into a library.

In 1966, a mobile building was placed on the school site and this served as a remedial reading center for the school. The school then began housing grades one through five.

Before 1971 the school population and faculty were not integrated.  In 1971, the school became an integrated facility with an integrated faculty.  It housed all first grade pupils from the Harry E. James and Woodlawn communities and primary special education pupils from throughout the city.

In 1976, the organizational pattern of the school changed again.  First grade and kindergarten students from the Harry E. James and Woodlawn area attended Harry E. James.  A new school K-5, Harry E. James Elementary, replaced the Woodlawn and Harry E. James School facilities in September of 1993.  Today, Harry E. James Elementary School houses thirty-three regular classes and four special education classes.  The average student to teacher ratio is 20:1.  We are a Title I school and have many resources to support our students.

      Ms. Judy Carter
  Assistant Principal:
      Ms. Veronica Moore
  1807 Arlington Rd.
  Hopewell, VA 23860
  Phone: (804) 541-6408
  Fax: (804) 541-6409
  School Hours: 8:45-3:45
  Office Hours: 7:30-4:30