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Special Instructional Programs

  • 3M and 5M Math Tutors -  Adult tutors assist students in Grades 3 & 5 with math skills.
  • Math & Science Innovation Center - Students visit the Math and Science Center or teachers from the center come to our school to give students the opportunity to experience a hands-on science or math activity.  We also have virtual lessons in which students interact directly with an instructor at the center while sitting in their own classroom!
  • Fort Lee Federal Credit Union Outreach - An instructor from the credit union teaches hands-on lessons in the areas of spending/saving, budgeting and personal finance.
  • Title I - a program that assists students with reading and math -  It includes guided reading groups, Reading Recovery, and small math groups.
  • Accelerated Reader - Students read books within their ZPD (zone of proximal development).  After reading a book, the student takes a computerized comprehension test on the book.  Points are awarded for accuracy and are accumulated for prizes.
  • STAR Reading - a networked software program that tests each student's reading level.  It provides an Instructional Reading Level, a Grade Equivalency, and a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) for each student.  This program works in conjunction with Accelerated Reader (AR).
  • STAR Math - A networked software program that tests each student's math level.  It provides an Instructional Math Level and a Grade Equivalency for each student.
  • Central Pull Out Program (CPO) - This program serves accelerated students in Grades 3-5 from all elementary schools.  There is an emphasis on critical, creative, and higher level thinking skills in all subject areas for these students.  The students are serviced at Dupont Elementary.
  • CHICO - Teachers are paired with a student to provide one-on-one encouragement, academic support and reinforcement of appropriate behavior.