Harry E. James

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Martial Arts Program » Martial Arts Enrichment Program

Martial Arts Enrichment Program

Martial Arts of Hopewell offers a 6 week Enrichment Program at

Harry E. James Elementary School

(The in-school program is for grades 1-5 only)


  • This program will encourage your child to achieve better grades and show respect to teachers, family, and peers.
  • They will learn to use self-discipline at all times and improve focus and manners. 
  • We will also teach them how to handle bullying and conflict. 
  • They will learn basic martial arts techniques and test for their belt on the last day. 
  • Parents are invited to testing to watch their child break a board.


Dates for each session will be determined throughout the year.


Permission slips will be sent home at least 1 week prior to each 6-week session.